10 Differences No Man’s Sky


At the time of release, every second review of No Man’s Sky contained devastating criticism, which consistently dealt with all the flaws of developers from Hello Games and the inspiring promises of Sean Murray. Time passed, the scattered community returned to the game, and all the expected features found a regular implementation in this product. Consider the key innovations seen in the project as of August 2018.

Is it worth playing No Man’s Sky in 2018? Here are a few reasons:

Graphical improvements. Below I will place a video showing the comparison of the release version, DLC Atlas, and the current Next add-on. Differences are noticeable to the unaided eye, they affect the detailing of planets, the diversity of biomes, flora, and fauna. Procedural generation has reached a sufficiently high level;
A full-fledged multiplayer. Now joint studies of distant planets are becoming much more interesting, as a partner can become a direct participant in the events. The maximum number of players in the team is up to 4, and within one stellar system – up to 16;
The plot campaign. The original research of an infinite number of planets for the sake of moving to the center of the galaxy, where there is nothing but a transition to a new generated universe, is a huge disappointment for fans of sci-fi works that were expecting something more. Now the variety of missions has increased, and narrative intrigue is supported literally before the finale;
Improved AI. Initially, computer players simply flew past, imitated a violent activity, fought each other, and sometimes they forced us to fight. From now on their artificial intelligence was brought to mind, which increased the overall level of interactivity of what was happening. Read any review of No Man’s Sky for the past year – be sure to find a few praise reviews about random situations that occurred during the trip;
Training for beginners. The introductory part has been radically reworked, in order to better introduce the beginners to the game. The tutorial covers all aspects of pumping the ship and building the base, so necessary for comfortable gaming;
A third-person view (not only in the spaceship but also during hiking). The long-awaited innovation that helps to choose spectacular camera angles for screenshots and a better look at an unfamiliar terrain;
Optimization of the graphics core. In the situation with consoles PS4 and Xbox One, the frame rate has increased significantly, which affected the smoothness of the picture. Rare friezes that occurred during the procedural generation of objects are in the past. In the case of a PC, owners of modest (by the standards of this year) configurations have the opportunity to obtain a picture of acceptable quality with digestible performance;
Survival mode. In it, an aggressive environment will try to kill us. It is necessary to constantly monitor the level of temperature, radiation and the remaining oxygen supply;
Building. Thanks to the abundance of blanks, it is possible to build a full-fledged futuristic metropolis, whose height is practically unlimited. Neighboring players who visited this place will be able to fully appreciate the architect’s talent of the author;
Customization and resources. All extracted materials are renamed and placed in such a way as to get better in the eyes. Picking up the next nugget, you always know exactly, for the craft of which items it is intended. As for the appearance of the protagonist, then on the basis you can change the race, the spacesuit, the proportions of the body, etc. Each element of clothing lends itself to coloring, adding personality.

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