A new short film on World of Warcraft is dedicated to Sylvan


Blizzard introduced the second short film from the series “Faces of War”, timed to launch the Battle for Azeroth supplement for World of Warcraft. A fresh movie tells the story of the merciless Sylvanas.

Before, Sylvanas Windrunner headed the army of high elves. During the Third War, the army of the undead under the command of Arthas invaded the elf territory. Sylvanas was defeated, and the Death Knight subdued her will. The consequences of the pernicious influence of the villain and are shown in the video – the heroine became cynical and cruel.

The next video from the series “Faces of War” tells about the queen naga Azshara. The previous short film can be viewed in this news.

The expansion of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth will be available on August 14.

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