Happy Birthday. Fortnite


Fortnite was one year old – on  2017, the game went into paid early access. On this occasion, Epic Games launched a special event that targets both fans of the royal battle, and those who fight with the Storm in PvE.

In the royal battle, festive tests are available, where it is necessary to take part in matches, damage the enemies and dance before different birthday cakes. For each test, a separate reward is supposed, and for the completion of all three – a backpack in the form of a cake. In addition, on the map are scattered pieces of pie – they make up 5 units of health and 5 units of shields.

From July 25, the updated temporary mode “Sandbox” starts. He offers to relax and give vent to his creative nature: for example, to rebuild a huge building and then destroy it from various weapons.

In addition, a new barrel appeared in the royal battle – a compact submachine gun with a capacious magazine and high accuracy of shooting. According to the developers, it is perfect for melee combat.

In the “Battle with the Storm” players are waiting for cakes, mining and a special chain of tasks, for which you can get the name-day commander Ramirez. For the eaten cakes give holiday tickets – they are exchanged on the birthday lamas. In such a lame gamer will find objects that were distributed in the past events.

Also for the “Battle with the Storm” released the following quests “Things of the Valley.” They continue the storyline of the campaign and suggest exploring a new, arid terrain type.

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