New authors Lords of the Fallen 2


Lords of the Fallen 2 was announced four years ago, but the game immediately began to have problems. Publisher CI Games, which also participated in the creation of the first part, waved a hand on all the achievements of the sequel and launched production anew, already with another team – Defiant Studios. The studio told about its vision of Lords of the Fallen 2 in an interview with Eurogamer.

The founders of Defiant are people with decent knowledge. In their portfolio you can find L.A. Noire, Warframe and unannounced game from Starbreeze for VR. In addition, they in 2011 opened the Avalanche division in New York and in 2016 released Just Cause 3, and also began to work on Just Cause 4.

Defiant wants to release something cooperative and multiplayer and prepares his own game, but some time ago the studio collided with CI Games and its long-suffering Lords of the Fallen 2. Founders of Defiant say that they like to challenge their own abilities: for example, serious Just Cause 3 and its huge world with a bunch of new technologies became a test.

And Lords of the Fallen 2 – this is a chance to pounce with the reference “souls-likes” from From Software. Defiant took the basic ideas of Dark Souls and on their basis came up with some kind of new concept. The authors will try to push the boundaries of the subgenre, surprise the fans of the first Lords of the Fallen and attract a fresh audience to the franchise.

At the same time, Defiant is going to make the game by the forces of a small team. Developers say that Just Cause 3 involved about 90 full-time employees – a tiny team by the standards of modern AAA-blockbusters. With Lords of the Fallen 2 there will be a similar story: in the production of a fairly large-scale game involved a relatively small number of employees.

Judging by the developers, Defiant is not going to use the little that CI Games has done for Lords of the Fallen 2. The game is created from scratch – they switch to a new engine (now it’s Unreal Engine 4) and they involve quite different people. Managing Director of Defiant David Grijns (David Grijns) says this: “The team does not have much experience in developing stellar action-RPG, but we think this is an advantage.”

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