Valve has refused the Steam Machines


Perhaps you have already forgotten about Steam Machines – Valve’s attempt to make us play on expensive “boxes” from Alienware, Asus, and other manufacturers. Now Valve also tries to forget about his experiment.

The Steam Machines section has disappeared from the Steam service, which can be considered the last nail in the coffin cover of the system blocks with SteamOS on board and Steam controllers coded under the console. No news about the “boxes” have been reported for a long time, so the last decision Valve was a logical step.

Premiere in 2015 and could not attract the attention of gamers who simply did not understand why they need Steam Machines. The appearance of “boxes” was accompanied by too many problems, and even the vaunted SteamOS had to be replaced in the end with alternatives from Windows.

At the same time, against the backdrop of the production of Steam Machines by partner companies, Valve itself started the Steam Link streaming console, which, in fact, did everything the same, but it cost several times cheaper. A very curious way of putting your own ideas in the wheel.

Now in the “iron” section Steam only available Steam Controller, Steam Link, and HTC Vive. It seems that Valve has really finished with experiments and is back to developing games.

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