7 facts about Conqueror’s Blade

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1. A warrior in the field, but not against the crowd
Unlike many other games about mass battles, in Conqueror’s Blade armies are controlled not from somewhere above, but directly from the battlefield. Units can follow the hero general who is under your control, and remain to guard some important point while you, say, are doing reconnaissance in the rear of the enemy. But walking without troops is a risk: a hero without an army dies in battle with an enemy unit very quickly. But to catch another such a lone player or secretly from the rear to penetrate the key point – the very thing.

2. In Conqueror’s Blade, sex is not just a matter of skin
Many characters from the gender depend on a set of abilities, and some classes are generally only available to men or women. And this is a pretty cool gameplay solution: firstly, thanks to this, the floor plays an important role – when you meet the enemy on the battlefield you immediately begin to estimate what he can and can expect from that sweet girl. Secondly, since the game works with the medieval setting (albeit in a fictional world), it would be completely strange to completely ignore the inequality that existed then. Well, thirdly – the more classes and skills, the more interesting!

3. In the game there is nothing fantasy, and the developers are proud of this
Do not look for Conqueror’s Blade vulnerable elves, thick-skinned dragons, crazy fairies, dwarfs and half-naked witches. Here only historical troops, buildings and siege weapons. And this is not bad: the fantasy setting cars, but the online games about the pure Middle Ages cat wept. It seems that the developers also think so, because for them the rejection of fantasy is a conscious decision, one of the key game chips.

4. In Conqueror’s Blade you can find out who would be stronger
While the ordinary boys were deciding who is stronger – Schroeder or Darth Vader, young historians until hoarse argued about how the Swiss halberders of the Japanese samurai would beat and the Maltese crusaders could cope with the Cossacks. Conqueror’s Blade allows you to resolve such disputes – and even bring them to a new level: for example, will samurai fight better if you give them scimitars? And all because the general here can change equipment not only to himself, but also to his troops.

5. During a fight, other players may interfere with it
Here, it would seem, two armies met in the open field, began to measure themselves – it is obvious that whoever is stronger and more skillful will win. But in Conqueror’s Blade on such a “light” can easily look a few more players. And then already as lucky: someone can take the side of the conqueror, someone will try to help the weak, and the third easily pushes the two fighters over the cap, they have already managed to patch each other. Well, or a very funny option – you get into a fight with superior enemy forces, exhaust him with a run, and you summon the Soklanovites via chat. So what? In love and in war, all means are good!

6. A horse on the field can kill
The horse accelerates the movement of the general across the battlefield or the city. And, of course, during the bout the enemy can knock off your beloved mount. Of course, the horse will return to the system, but only after the battle, and the battle itself will have to continue without it. And if on the field your general falls – it’s okay: he will take a new detachment from the reserve and again rush into battle. But the animal must be protected: as soon as a fight begins, it is better to dismount at once: the hour is not even, they will be hacked again, and then run along the field for your two! Speed ​​is the guarantee of victory.

7. Horses have armor
Of course, if someone can be killed, then you can hang additional protection. And the horse is no exception. Are you afraid of stray arrows and painful strokes of the croaker around the rump? Feel free to wear armor on your steed! There is nothing shameful or strange – careful horsemen have been doing this for a long time, and, among other things, an armored animal is much more beautiful.

And all this, in Conqueror’s Blade

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