On the scene of card games, another player hurries to break in – Artifact from the famous Steam creators and some Valve shooter.

According to a fresh press release, the release of Artifact on Steam is scheduled for November 28. In 2019 the creation of Valve will appear on iOS with Android. The western price of the game is $ 20.

In the launch kit of Artifact you will find more than 280 cards. They can be bought and sold through the Steam Marketplace.

You can try Valve’s creation at PAX West, which will be held in Seattle from August 31 to September 3. All participants in the duels will receive prizes, including art works signed by the creators and two keys from the game. The most skilled gambler will fight the champion on the main stage.

Today Valve reluctantly makes games, but if it is going to with thoughts, then in order to release entertainment, which will bring her money for a long time. Here and in the case of Artifact, the intentions of the company are clearly serious – in the work on the project involved Richard Garfield (father of the most popular card game Magic: The Gathering).

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