In China, the exit is preparing a free mobile Call of Duty


Activision and Tencent have announced a collaboration, the fruit of which will be a shareware mobile Call of Duty in the traditional format for the series – a first-person shooter.
According to the publishers, this is a completely new game that will accommodate the most popular and recognizable elements of the previous parts of the brand, including characters and weapons, as well as multiplayer maps and modes. Most likely, unlike Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, it is about the heritage of the whole brand, and not a separate sub-series.
The main production is occupied by the internal studio of the Chinese corporation, which “relies” on its own experience in developing first-person militants for mobile devices. Release shooter will take place “a few months”, but whether the game will go beyond the Chinese border – has not yet been reported.
In addition, Activision is also working on another mobile Call of Duty, which is being developed by the division of the company in Sweden – King. This project is definitely designed for a global launch, although the company does not yet apply to it.

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