Insurgency: Sandstorm


New World Interactive (developer) and Focus Home Interactive (publishers) show some four-minute-long video footage of insurgency player-versus-player battles from Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Pre-orderers (via Steam) are allowed to participate in Pre-Order Beta # 1, which will be available from August 9th to 13th. The first beta will feature three maps (as well as four game modes: Firefight, Push, Checkpoint and Skirmish). The pre-order beta # 2 with three more cards is scheduled to start on August 30th. The full version for PC, Mac and Linux should follow sometime in September (price: 29.99 euros, price with pre-order discount: 26.99 euros). Translations for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are scheduled for 2019.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a team-based multiplayer tactical shooter with fixed mission objectives. The developers write: “As a sequel to the indie hit Insurgency, Sandstorm has been reworked, improved and expanded in every way, experience the full intensity of modern warfare, with only true skill and teamwork to gain, ready for a ruthlessly realistic portrayal of battles deadly ballistics, light attack vehicles, devastating artillery and HDR sound.

Character and weapon customization sharpen the player’s profile.
Unrivaled sound design with positional voice chat for realistic teamwork and ambient sounds that bring the battlefield to life.
Peek around corners, crack open doors tactically, camouflage the team’s advance with smoke and request air support.
Up to 16 players compete on giant cards against 16 opponents, or 8 players against the AI, now with MGs on controllable vehicles.
Competitive Multiplayer including Matchmaking, Broadcasting UI and Reruns.

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