Life is Strange


The young French studio DONTNOD devoted its second project to the adventure genre. And which! The first game, which was accepted so ambiguously, did not completely ruin the team’s confidence in their abilities. Life is Strange demonstrated this optimism. For choosing such a now unpopular genre of video games, and even to release a very original game, and even such a chic quality, this is a clear sign of the strength of the team, its professionalism and, most importantly, its faith in its path. And this, in the current secondary century, when new ideas practically do not appear, and their rare manifestation is associated with colossal risks, it’s worth a lot!

There was such a wonderful film, “The Butterfly Effect” (probably the best actor’s manifestation of Ashton Kutcher), which had an extremely strong idea, which resulted in a powerful plot. Personally for me it can be put on a par with the “Matrix”, “The Beginning” and “The Face of the Future”. Life is Strange continues the ideas of the first and last films from this quartet.

Throughout the game, Maxine’s girlfriend tries to make the world a better place. Being a creative person, she, like many people of such a nature, wants harmony in this world. Studying a photo to capture the best moments of human life, leads her to childhood places, to the Academy of Arts, which is in the town of Arcadia Bay. But life does not accept rose-colored glasses. And meeting with the best childhood friend, with whom she has not seen for many years, leads to a series of events, the main meaning of which is salvation to the heart of a person. But like the characters of Cruz and Kutcher, she is not able to correct the inevitable. Each step in this direction only aggravates everything. And her incredible gift of power over time becomes a real curse for her and her family and acquaintances.


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