Mazecraft: To myself the director

MazecraftFirst, the user creates his own character. A woman, a man, a man with a beard, a man in a suit – the choice only affects the appearance, and excessive vegetation on the face will not add any bonuses. Then the training begins, explaining the control for a couple of seconds: to move to one cell you need to slide the screen with your finger, and to run to the specified side – keep it on the display. At each level there are points of start and finish, and between them can meet a variety of obstacles: climbing out of the earth spikes, falling from above the cobblestones, running or flying monsters – but there is nothing in training.

When this trial level is completed, the game itself ends. Next, the user is offered to open a list of locations invented by the community, or create their own. The idea is certainly excellent: creative people can realize their original ideas, and the rest of the players will always have new levels to pass. But, as it is easy to guess, such a system has serious shortcomings, because of which the first impression can deteriorate very quickly.

Even if you open a list of recommended levels of the community, chances are good to stumble upon idiotic labyrinths. Some need to contact their author to get the password to the door standing right before the finish. Others are extremely complex, and everywhere they are placed dangerous obstacles. There are also those who need to go for more than three minutes, and at one of the last stages is a lever-trap, activating the cobblestone falling from the sky. Of course, there are enough trolls in the community of any game, but because of the complete absence of the levels created by developers, one literally has to deal with such tests.

However, not all creators in Mazecraft are. Many people try to come up with really interesting puzzles, using all the possibilities of the editor. With the mind set traps and obstacles, place in sufficient quantities of gold coins and other bonuses, offer to pass locations in stages. Such levels are obviously much more interesting. In order not to look for a needle in a haystack, you can subscribe to the favorite authors and receive notifications when they post their new work.

Although there are many such levels, it is often not possible to find them. In the top, for some reason, there are the missions described above, which are often unrealistic to go through, and in general search here is carried out only by name. And people will not choose a level with a heading where there is not any loud or ridiculous word, so excellent work is lost under the weight of stupid and uninteresting nonsense, created solely to attract attention.

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