Psychedelic arcade cat adventure PUSS! came out on Steam


Ukrainian studio teamCOIL released a game on Steam about cats, dolphins and other oddities. In the psychedelic arcade PUSS! it’s about a cat that jumped into the monitor and found itself in another dimension. How exactly it happened, you can see in the trailer ten-hour length.

The gameplay is easy to manage, you can manage with one hand. In fact, the game is much more difficult. Everything the cat touches outside of the narrow path causes damage to it. You have to be very careful and accurately calculate the movements to get to the portal. And behind the portal opens a new location, and randomly. At the same time, the whole picture is constantly twitching, various objects are flying along the screen, and there are also enough enemies who are not averse to taking care of a poor cat. So it’s not everyone who can get out of a long labyrinth.
To understand what awaits us in this psychedelic mess, you can download a free demo.

Orgin: PUSS! in Steam

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