Skull & Bones. Pirate the pirate competitor


Pirate Romance
Collect a team of all sorts of alcoholics, parasites, as in “Pirates of the Caribbean”, do not have to – it is attached to the ship. But there are three vessels to choose from: small (relatively, of course) and a brisk ship with a large radius of destruction, then of medium size and with a nasal ram – for a deadly boarding, and finally a clumsy “tank” : the cannon is the most powerful, and afloat under heavy fire, the heavyweight will last the longest.

The crew of the ship is painted so vividly and naturally that sometimes you forget to turn the steering wheel, looking at the mewing of sailors
However, any “weak” ship can eventually become deadlier: between rounds we find ourselves on hard ground in a sort of pirate hub. Here it is necessary to modify the native vessel: for example, to change the nasal figure, having established death with a scythe instead of an angel, and the steering wheel to decorate with a skull and horns of a bison. And, of course, write off the primitive deck half-guns, setting something more dangerous and long-range.

In addition to simple mixtures “all against all”, you need to perform point-based scenario tasks for gold mining. Suppose it became known that a commercial caravan, packed full of values, will pass near your ship past the Portuguese military fortress. But if you attack the money-bags in the forehead, the serf-guns will instantly send both you and the ship to the sea devil. Acting is necessary in a cunning way.

For example, you can use disguise for an ordinary civilian ship, replacing the original sails with sails and flags of the trade brig. And after, moving in the shadow of a small island and catching a fair wind, jump out against the merchants, shoot and, until they come to their senses, to board.
Unfortunately, you can not manage the carnage on the deck: sailors with sabers will do everything without your participation. The captain’s task is solely to turn the steering wheel on the bridge, direct the fire and from time to time fly up into the “crow’s nest” to plan the future path.

From there you can also see the impending disaster: a daring attack on a merchant ship attracted the attention of a huge military deckman. To survive in direct confrontation is unreal … but it is getting closer, and the first volleys are already heard in your direction. Try to escape on all sails, in principle, you can, but it’s embarrassing. It is better to call for the help of other captains: we clamp a special button, and the vessels in the vicinity will receive a call signal. They can respond, or they can ignore it. If we get lucky.

Different ships may have special opportunities. One, for example, is able to drop anchor in battle, which will allow to shoot from the guns without restriction, the other – to release more shells for one volley than the allies, and so on.But the main thing that determines the victory is the mastery of the captain, that is, the player himself. We have to take into account not only the direction of the wind, but also the position of the vessel on the waves: the abyss itself will help (or, conversely, hinder) the successful attack by throwing the ship closer to the rival for the greater convenience of boarding. A competent captain tries to use the terrain: if there is an island nearby, because of him or even above it, you can fire without fearing for your own vessel. You can learn how to build a route in such a way as to overtake an enemy ship that seems to be hopelessly gone to a detachment, cutting off the path and intuitively catching a tailwind (if the sails swell, and the ship has noticeably added to the turn, then it managed to catch the flow). Autopilot, as in the same World of Warships, is not here: the ship will not go by its own path.

Origin: Ubisoft

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