In Dota 2 found a bug with the immortal spiders Broodmother

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On Reddit, the user of DimasDSF discovered a way to create the immortal Broodmother spiders. The player did not tell how to reproduce the bug, and sent information to Valve.

DimasDSF noted that the bug is related to the ability of Howl in Lycan. It temporarily gives allied beings additional health points. Then the bonus disappears, and the spiders become immortal. Other players can not allocate units and inflict damage on them.

According to the user, Broodmother also loses control over spiders. They will stand still until next to them are creeps or heroes of the opponent. After that, the units will attack them until the end of the game.

August 3 Valve has already fixed a bug with treasures from the military badge. The developers acknowledged that the game incorrectly determined the chance of falling out of rare items. For this, all users are promised compensation.

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