NES Classic – the most sold console in the US

In June 2018, the most sold gaming console in the US in terms of quantitative indicators was neither PS4, nor Nintendo Switch nor Xbox One. It was NES Classic, which helped to increase sales of hardware gaming systems by 52% compared to last year’s figures and reached $ 1.1 billion. SNES Classic and three main consoles also made their contribution.

According to the NPD report for June 2018, the total cost of hardware and software, accessories and gaming cards grew by 25% compared to the same period last year and amounted to $ 1.1 billion. This is largely due to increased sales of hardware, since revenues from the games even slightly decreased. And for the first half of the year, overall expenses for all categories increased by 17% to $ 6 billion compared to last year, and this time the accessories and gaming cards showed the strongest growth.

Despite the fact that NES Classic is leading by the number of units, PS4 still tops the rating by revenue. Sales of Xbox One in dollar terms almost doubled in a year, and Nintendo Switch – more than 50%. Revenues from the supply of portable gaming systems also increased, but only by 7%.

As noted, the sale of gaming software in June decreased by 1% compared to the same period last year: up to $ 374 million. And for the first half of the year, expenses, on the contrary, increased by 6% to $ 2.6 billion. Nintendo Switch became the only platform, in which there is an increase in sales of games, more than double in dollar terms compared with June last year. As a result, in June Nintendo became the most successful publisher.

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