New problems for Intel


As reported by the press service of Intel, in November of last year, as part of the coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure program, Microsoft representatives informed the processor manufacturer about a new vulnerability. A little later, a similar statement came from Google. The new “hole” in security is similar in structure to the Specter and Meltdown, which, giving criminals access to the processor’s memory core, made it possible to get passwords and other confidential information at their disposal.

The new vulnerability was called Speculative Store Bypass (variant 4), and for Chrome, Edge and Safari browsers patches have already been released that partially solve this problem. However, after updating the browser from Microsoft, many users started complaining about shutting down and restarting their PCs. For the final fix, you need to update the microcode chips. The software for this is already being tested, and its release is scheduled for “coming weeks”. However, the inclusion of protection against a new vulnerability reduces the performance of processors by 2-8%, and in some cases up to 10%. Therefore, many users may have a choice: to compromise their personal data or to get a less productive processor.

Press Service Intel:

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