Randy Pitchford: “I want Valve to make games, not iron”


If the CEO of Gearbox Software held a high post in Sony or Microsoft, after a series of announcements from Valve, he would feel a little better. In other words, Randy Pitchford believes that manufacturers of home consoles have nothing to worry about. Nevertheless, the “steam controller” nevertheless attracted the attention of the developer. “I would fiddle with their controller. I’m curious what kind of functionality he can offer in terms of new devices, “says Pitchford. “But I’m skeptical of the fact that they can replace me with a personal computer.”

In any case, the developer suggests not to rush to conclusions. Time will tell if Gabe Newell made the right decision. But Randy Pitchford, like many others, waited for Valve not to “iron”, but games. More precisely, just one game. “I want to see Half-Life 3. Or any other original proposal from these guys. They are some of the best in the world when it comes to creating interactive entertainment, “continues Gearbox. “While Steam and Valve are a single entity, I will be concerned that attention and resources aimed at the platform divert attention and resources from the entertainment that they could create.”

In conclusion, Randy Pitchford called himself the most real egoist. As a player, he wants Valve to spend her time just creating computer games. And in a sense we understand him. But will the “big boss” hear this call? It seems, no longer.

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