Sales PlayStation 4 beat PlayStation 3


According to Sony, in the first quarter of the financial year 2018 (April-June of the calendar year 2018) 3.2 million PlayStation 4 were shipped to stores. Now the total circulation of the “four” is 82.2 million copies. A similar figure for the PlayStation 3 is 80 million.

It is worth noting that information about the total circulation of PlayStation 3 Sony reported in 2013 – for sure over the past five years, the “troika” have accumulated some additional sales. But the superiority of the PlayStation 4 is still obvious. First, after 2013, the “troika” ceased to exist actively in the market, because it became an outdated generation, which means that the circulation hardly increased significantly. Secondly, PlayStation 4 has passed for 80 million for five years of existence, while PlayStation 3 for this took seven years.

Financial report: Q1 FY2018 Consolidated Financial Results

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