The creators of the game Dead Cells shot a short film


Studio Motion Twin is preparing to release from its early access Steam its bagel Dead Cells. And they announced an early release with an unusual trailer: a cartoon about the torment of the protagonist.
In Dead Cells, players need to go through a huge castle. The main difficulty is that there are no preservations and resurrections here. And every new attempt has to be made in the changed environment.
Players are faced with complex fights, about 50 weapons and magical skills. Death in the game is final, but already open locations allow you to differently build a path through the castle in accordance with the available equipment, style of play or mood. On a two-dimensional map there are enough secret rooms, secrets, hidden passages and beautiful (as far as the pixels allow) landscapes.
On the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platform rolls with elements of the Metroid Dead Cells will be released pretty soon on August 7.

Video: Dead Cells – Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat. (Animated trailer)


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