Video cards become cheaper…


As you know, the prices for video cards soared to unprecedented heights as a result of extremely high demand caused by a crypto currency boom. Now demand has fallen significantly due to the decline in the cost of crypto-currencies and the emergence of new more efficient ASIC mining systems, respectively, and prices have returned to normal. But why should video cards continue to get cheaper, if already now the prices are close to those recommended?

There are at least two reasons for this. Manufacturers now have an oversupply of video cards. Not so long ago it was reported that one of the major Taiwanese manufacturers returned 300,000 NVIDIA Pascal graphics processors due to reduced demand for video cards. It turns out that NVIDIA and its partners have quite a lot of graphics processors and video cards. And you do not need to be an economist to understand that when there is an overabundance of products, the price of them decreases. Especially it is necessary to sell these stocks as quickly as possible until the next generation of video cards.

I think it’s better to wait a little, and most likely in the near future it will be possible to buy it cheaper. More specifically, it’s better to wait until the announcement of GeForce GTX 11-series video cards. It is then that there should be an opportunity to either buy a model of the 10th series cheaper or buy a newer video card for the same money. In any case, you will get more productivity in terms of the money spent.

As for AMD video cards, they will follow the example of NVIDIA products. AMD video cards are approximately at the price of their direct competitors, and therefore, if AMD wants to remain at least somehow competitive, it will have no other choice but to reduce the cost of its video cards. Unfortunately, AMD’s new video cards will not come out soon.

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