The first details of the additions We Happy Few


Creators adventures We Happy Few presented their plans to support the project after its release on August 10.

Firstly, holders of seasonal passes of the game will have access to three plot additions, which will also be available for purchase separately:
“Roger and James in the story” They came from below! “- Gifted Roger and passionate James went in search of adventure and love, but found a bizarre technology and a terrible threat. Everything is not what it seems. Or vice versa?

Secondly, all owners of We Happy Few will get a “sandbox” mode, before launching it, you can almost completely customize the world in which you will survive: large or small, very or not very dangerous and with a large or small supply of food and substance “joy “.
Moreover, you can immediately start playing for “Lucky”, who does not forget to take his “Joy”. This mode reflects the early concept of the game when it appeared in the early access of Steam and Xbox Live. We Happy Few will go on sale on August 10 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Before the release, you can get a season pass only in the extended edition of the project, but after the release it will be available for purchase separately.

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