Switch-version of Go Vacation


In Go Vacation everything is done in a way that does not clog your head. Considering that this game is created for a portable console, it is not difficult to kill time on the road. Even if you play at home, you can disappear from life for a couple of hours. At the same time, for all its simplicity and ease, Go Vacation still leaves a desire to run it again and again.

Time does not spoil the game – on the contrary, it sometimes causes nostalgia for the past times. The graphics are maximally cartoonish, in Japanese style with a bunch of colors. All variegated, bright and, perhaps, it would be possible to say “childish”, but for some reason I do not want to speak at all. Go Vacation is as simple as it is graphically, and on the part of the gameplay. Someone will like it, someone will long argue about the power of the console and the necessary level for modern games.

This game is for those who periodically need to unload their heads with something that does not bother or hinder. For children including, if you need something to occupy the child. Finally, it’s just a fun game that leaves a pleasant impression even after so many years after the release.

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