Atari VCS. New Atari console


As Atari states, crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity to snatch special versions of Atari VCS at attractive prices. The cost of the console starts from 199 dollars and comes to 339 dollars – it all depends on the configuration. Controllers can be purchased separately: $ 29 for the Atari Classic Joystick and $ 49 for the Atari Modern Controller. Delivery is carried out around the world, but for the transfer will have to throw a little more money from above.

Atari VCS will be shipped with Atari Vault, a set that includes over 100 classic Atari games. In addition, the console will have some modern projects thanks to the Atari VCS Store. Atari entered into a deal with an unnamed industry leader to provide Atari VCS with games and other entertainment content.

On Atari VCS Twitch streams work and there are opportunities for network multiplayer – for the first time on Atari consoles also, there will be multimedia services like Netflix, Spotify and others. There will even be voice control and, judging by some footnotes, an optional paid subscription with cloud storage.

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