Atlas – from the authors ARK: Survival Evolved


As the PlayStation LifeStyle writes, a video with the name Atlas Internal Trailer 2 Final appeared. He was in public for a few minutes, and then he was removed. But the Internet does not forget, that’s why they published “saved” in different places.  Apparently, Atlas is a pirate adventure in the manner of Sea of ​​Thieves. In the game Studio Wildcard there are battles on ships in the midst of a raging storm, boarding and battle on sabers, sieges of coastal fortifications, treasure hunt with an approximate image on the map, skeletons that guard treasured chests, and painfully long reloads of “firearms”.

Ships, it seems, can be built at the shipyard and in every way customized: paint the purple stripes on the sides and hang turquoise sails with colored crosses.

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