Intel turns semiconductor production?


Initially, the plans of the once undisputed leader of semiconductor production, Intel, for the development of the 10-nm process technology were scheduled for 2016. The first processors were to become chips with the architecture of Cannon Lake. However, these goals have long been in the past. The renewal of Intel’s production tasks points to the company’s inability to bring its 10-nm standard to its commercial state before the last quarter of 2019. As a result, according to the Taiwan resource Digitimes, in the semiconductor industry, the assumption was made that Intel could roll out its manufacturing business following the example of AMD, which took this forced step back in 2009, switching to the model of printing its chips in third-party factories. The principle of “Tick-to”, which the corporation followed for many years and assuming the alternation of updating the microarchitecture with improving production standards, now can hardly be called work. This model failed in 2014, when Intel had to introduce a 14-nm process technology, and instead released 22-nm Haswell Refresh processors, having made an extraordinary upgrade of the architecture.

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