Divinity: Original Sin II for PS4


The PlayStation blog reports that everyone who pre-orders Original Sin II for the PS4 is entitled to early access to the first act of the game. If you believe the authors, this should be enough for 30 hours of adventure. Progress from the pre-release version will go to the final one. Also for pre-order Original Sin II, you will be presented with a companion of Sir Laura – knight-squirrel, suffering from a complex of Napoleon. Recall that the creation of Larian Studios focuses on the wealth of role-playing. You can go through the quests in completely different ways, and in a grandiose nonlinear canvas you are allowed to weave and the fate of your friends – the adventure supports the cooperative. Heroes under the control of people differ in motives, so joint passage risks not to be so joint.

Divinity: Original Sin II for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released on August 31st. On consoles, the game will be released as part of the supplementary edition of Definitive Edition, the contents of which will reach the PC.

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