New stealth action Sneak Ops


In August, the stealth action “Sneak Ops” turned out to be free, and unlike “Absolute Drift” and “Suzy Cube” it is free. It’s understandable, because the game is aimed at a different audience, and the main thing is the daily change of the base on which you have to penetrate.

Each base will be divided into sections, and between the – checkpoints. But before they will be difficult for you to get, because on your way will be like ordinary security guards, and super-soldiers, rooms with gas, security cameras and many other obstacles.

The only drawback of the game is that if you go through all the bases of the month, then you have to wait for the next 24 hours to get the desired map update. Also at your service will be over ten different characters, but unfortunately, they do not have any superpowers, only the skins change (I guess I can not be sure).

Anyway, “Sneak Ops” will offer you a canonical stealth action, which you should at least try to play.

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