Torchlight. Or now Torchlight Frontiers


Torchlight II came out side by side with Diablo III and, as then counted many gamers, was better than the work of Blizzard. Kind glory did not save the series: she fell into a coma for several years and woke up only after the original studio-creator was burnt. The network appeared preview trailer Torchlight Frontiers. As the video describes, the game combines Torchlight’s soul with a common world, the elements of which are generated on the fly. Gamers have to unite with friends, take a loyal pet with them and go for the adventure in a variety of places: from the dungeons to the ancient ruins of forgotten civilizations. The key goal is standard for the Diablo-games: to defeat dangerous creatures and find a cool loot.

Note that the torchlight diary created Runic Games. But in November 2017, the studio was closed by Perfect World – it owned a controlling stake in Runic. Just do not rush to disappoint. For Torchlight Frontiers, Echtra Games is responsible. It is headed by Max Shaefer (Max Shaefer) – a man who was one of the key developers of the first two Diablo, and then founded Runic Games. And Echtra Games appeared before the closure of Runic Games. We can not say what such artful business castles are connected with, but in the end, it seems that the Torchlight series remained in the hands of the parents – they just work under another signboard. The same is confirmed on the official website: proud postscript says that Torchlight Frontiers is being prepared by the authors of the first and second Torchlight. Judging by some indirect information, the new part of the franchise will introduce more MMO-component.

Official site: Torchlight Frontiers

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