AR-smart glasses for shopping


The novelty is called Taobao MR Buy. The user only needs to look at the product in order to obtain data on its cost, delivery options and so on. But that is not all. The system will recognize objects. For example, if you liked the clothes of a passer-by or a piece of furniture in a cafe, you just have to look, and the system will automatically find the same product and add it to the basket. Finally, the glasses can show the “holographic” 3D model of the product with Taobao.

The device will go on sale in September, although until the price is not specified. In the future, developers promise to add control of gestures and gaze.
Technically, as far as we know, Taobao MR Buy will be analogous to HoloLens, but if a solution from Santa Clara is expected not earlier than 2020, then the Chinese version will appear literally “the other day.”

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