Intel wants to enter the market for gaming graphics cards

Forbes, with links to its insiders, reports that Intel is developing discrete graphics accelerators aimed at the gaming market. About the desire of the company to return to the development of discrete graphics cards has been known for a long time, but then it was more about solutions for data centers. However, according to the new information, Intel wants to divide this development into two directions, one of which will be the game one. Together with him, the company wants to compete directly with NVIDIA and AMD. Introducing their game solutions, Intel is going to 2020.

The first independent graphics accelerator Intel introduced almost 20 years ago. It was called Intel i740. Together with him, the company tried to become one of the leading players in the 3D graphics market, but tough competition from 3dfx, ATI, Matrox, and NVIDIA forced it to focus on budget embedded graphics instead of discrete solutions. After Intel i740 the company released a few more chips of the new generation, but after that completely turned this direction.

Last December, Intel enticed Raju Koduri, the former head of the graphics solutions department at Radeon Technologies Group, into his team. According to Forbes, this step, along with 102 open working vacancies, one way or another related to the development of graphics hardware, is indirect, but proof that the company is preparing to re-enter the discrete graphics solutions market.

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