Xeon to simulate its future products (Intel)


Raja Koduri, formerly head of Radeon Technology Group, a graphics division of AMD, and now working at Intel for the creation of graphics processors, regularly publishes in his Twitter various interesting information and photos. The next publication concerns the development of new products.

Raja boasted that 40,320 servers based on Intel Xeon processors simulate the work of future Intel products in development. The whole system consumes about 5 MW of energy. Unfortunately, Koduri does not specify which products are simulated with the help of these computing powers. But it is possible that among them there are future graphics processors of the company.

Also note that Raja Koduri attended the DCIS event on Wednesday, which was made by another AMD native who also recently joined Intel, Jim Keller. True, Koduri, unlike his colleague on the stage, did not go out, and then they talked and left together.

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