For Half-Life, a mod came out with an alternative story of Black Mesa. It took him 5 years to develop


MrGang, a moderator with the alternative story of Black Mesa for Half-Life, announced the completion of the work. The network has appeared fresh screenshots and a link to download.

Mod Half-Life: Echoes will tell you what would be with the Black Meso if Gordon Freeman just did not exist. The mysterious and terrible events of the incident will involve a completely different hero, who has only two goals: to get out and stay alive.
The development of Half-Life: Echoes took literally 5 years. The campaign turned out to be simple and a little short, but it took so much time first of all because of the large workload of the modder in real life. MrGang even managed to get married and become a father during this time, but this did not stop the gamer and he was able to finish his project.

Video with mod: Youtube

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