Release of the shooter Post Scriptum


Originally independent studio Periscope Games was going to release its realistic Post Scriptum shooter in July. But the output had to be postponed, and only now the game can be bought on Steam. On the basis of the developers put strict compliance with historical realities: five game cards are reproduced in detail with the help of street photographs, aerial photographs, and other archival data. Just as scrupulously, the authors approached the creation of weapons, equipment, and equipment.

The total area of ​​the maps is 140 square kilometers. They can meet two detachments of 40 people each. Players are open 40 types of armor and 50 varieties of cars. Developers are already working on new content – in particular, the largest map of Arnhem, which was the operation of Market Garden in 1944. In the game, there will be a new factions-for example, the US airborne division – and new regimes. Promises the studio and work on optimization. While the game receives mixed reviews on Steam, players complain about bugs and other technical problems. Perhaps the transfer of the release was worth repeating. Let’s hope that the case will be corrected by patches.

Discussion of the game in Steam

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