SCUM wait until the end of August


Studios Gamepires and Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital are preparing to release their multi-user survivor with the open world of SCUM in the early access of Steam. And they already even called the day when this happens: August 29. Players will have to take part in the bloody and cruel television show of a dystopic future. They will be released into the open world practically empty-handed. But, if they manifest themselves, they will be able to enlist the support of sponsors and producers. And for this, it is necessary first to impress the audience, showing a remarkable will to win!
The developers have prepared a complex survival system, which takes into account any small things: the weight of the equipment and the degree of its wetting, body weight and metabolic rate, the state of the teeth, wounds, and fatigue. The longer we managed to survive, the more luxurious gifts sponsors will prepare.

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