Update 1.4 in Paladins


Soon, the team shooter Paladins will be updated 1.4, the patch will add new content and appearance for the champions. In addition, along with the patch will be launched a temporary event called Dragon’s Call. It is a kind of football, in which players need to “score” a goal into the enemy goal. For participation in the event, players will receive a lot of victorious poses and emotions, as well as portraits, gold and, even, a tombstone. The most fashionable champions like new looks of heroes. Skins received Sha Lin, Moji, and Khan. Did not forget the company Hi-Rez Studios and about improvements and balanced edits. In update 1.4, special attention is paid to Grohk. Now its ultimate ability “Tempest” will allow you to fly, and the damage from the staff will increase while you hit the beam with the same target.

In addition to all of the above, the Treasury will appear in the Paladins. It is in it you can replenish the collection of exclusive skins. It will be necessary to fork out since the guise opens only with the help of special keys.

Link to the developer’s site:¬†Paladins

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