New consoles Sony and Microsoft will be released in 2020


Microsoft plans to release it in 2020. At the same time, Microsoft describes Scarlett in internal documents as a family of devices, so several products can come out right away. The date may seem relatively close because the Xbox One X was released only last year, but Microsoft is allegedly set up resolutely and is going to shake up the industry.

Sony, in turn, does not say anything about its next-generation gaming system (let’s call it PlayStation 5), but rumors of its development have appeared for a long time, so the launch of the device should also be just around the corner. The latest reports concern the key components used by the Japanese and continue fruitful cooperation with AMD.

Collaboration with Sony was done to the detriment of the work on Radeon RX Vega and other current AMD projects: Mr. Koduri was forced against his will to transfer up to 2/3 of the engineering team exclusively to Navi. Because of this, the alleged head was very unhappy with the amount of resources and engineering hours spent on RX Vega desktop accelerators, and products like the Frontier Edition turned out worse than expected.

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