Almost ready for Super Crush KO for Switch and PC


The Vertex Pop development team, which gave the world a very simple design, but very dynamic shoot ’em up called Graceful Explosion Machine, is preparing a new project. It is called Super Crush KO, and unlike the previous work of the studio, it is a two-dimensional action not about spaceships, but about a brisk robot (in the guise of a girl) fighting with unknown creatures in an entourage of the near future. The task of the mechanical hero is simple – to save mankind from the apocalypse, which some artificial intelligence can arrange.

The target systems of the game are Switch and PC, however, it is possible that Vertex Pop will release it on other systems, as the Graceful Explosion Machine was released not only on the mentioned platforms but also on the PS4. For the first time to feel Super Crush KO it will be possible on PAX West 2019. There is no multiplayer in the game, instead of its developers promise to add online tables of records.

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