“Battle for Azeroth” for WoW


Tonight will be the release of the add-on Battle for Azeroth for MMORPG World of Warcraft. There will be this event at one in the morning Moscow time, simultaneously all over the world. This means you can go to adventure at the same time with your friends from, for example, European servers and together explore new locations, studying the plot of intricacies. Heroes of the Alliance and the Horde, in search of new allies in the flaring up war, will go to the island states of Kul-Tiras and Zandalar. In addition, the battles will erupt both in the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, where the Front Line will converge in the army’s battle, trying to capture important strategic points on the map of Azeroth. Adventurers who wish to enrich themselves will be able to go on expeditions to unknown lands in the hope of discovering rare artifacts and earning themselves a fortune. While the Horde and the Alliance are trying to defeat each other, the dark forces are preparing to take advantage of the chaos that has erupted.

Link in Blizzard: shop.battle.net

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