TerraTech withdrew from early access


The original technical designer is completely built on the extraction of resources, the exploration of the world and the creation of the most insane machines. Absolutely everything in it goes into action, up to the wreckage of the defeated opponents. With the proper level of reaction, you can snatch out different blocks from enemies and you can “heal” your car with them right during the battle. And having accumulated more resources, you can build a whole plant for their processing and sell products on the market. The release does not mean that the work on TerraTech has been completed.

In the future, developers promise to introduce partial support for cooperative passage, improve the thinking processes of non-player characters, and add a detailed game encyclopedia blocks. The game will have new biomes, new resources and, accordingly, new blocks. The studio also promises to continue to work on optimization and graphical improvements. And in the future, players will be able to dig tunnels and travel between planets.

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