Announcement of the new horror game Lunacy: Saint Rhodes


The company Iceberg Interactive announced a new horror Lunacy: Saint Rhodes for PC, and showed the first trailer. The game will be based on advanced artificial intelligence, which will become better as the player progresses. Horror Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is developed by a small studio Lazarus Studio. The game itself will take place with a first-person view, and events will take place in the old family mansion, where the main character comes. He recently returned to his hometown, where an inexplicable murder of his family members occurred while he was a child. Now he has to get to the truth, no matter how terrible she was.

The main feature of the horror Lunacy: Saint Rhodes will be the artificial intelligence of the mystical essence, which will act as the opponent of the player. This enemy will constantly monitor the actions of the gamer, and analyze his behavior so that he can act unexpectedly all the time, and keep him in suspense. Release Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is scheduled for 2019 only on the PC. It is not yet known whether developers will be engaged in the console version of their project.

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