Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Review


Fans Counter-Strike – the audience is special. Many of them still argue about the superiority of version 1.5 over 1.6, what can we say about a complete remake on the new engine! The last attempt to replace outdated 1.6 happened in 2004 and more likely failed: Counter-Strike: Source looked cool and flaunted plausible physics, but cyber-sportsmen vehemently rejected it. And running here, they say, is not so, and grenades do not fly …

Source and GO have been separated for eight years. Valve had plenty of time to weigh, comprehend and make a sane remake, in which everything would be correct. And so the basic concept in GO has not moved by a millimeter: two teams of five (and more) people, “villains” and fighters against terrorism. Fight until the last survivor. Terrorists are mostly entertained by the destruction of key points and the retention of hostages, and the “forces of good” of the hostages are trying to be released, and the bomb and its masters are rendered harmless. And in any case, not the other way around.

The secret of the popularity of Counter-Strike is its simplicity (although there is always room for honing skill) so it would be foolish to expect skills, pumping and manned equipment in GO. I bought a weapon at the beginning of the round and run, squealing enemies – which is much easier! Even the targeting mode by right-clicking the mouse is not: we shoot on the move, in an old-fashioned way.


AWP and Dust-2

The basic modes are now four – for CS this is the official record. To classic fun in the format of “hold or save the hostages” or “lay or neutralize the explosives” attached to the ex-modification GunGame, which is henceforth called the “Arms Race”. All the players on the map start the fight with the pistols, and for the killings instantly they get more powerful “guns”. The one who scored the first from each gun (in total – 26 pieces) and stabbed the last victim with a knife, wins the round.

Winning the “Arms Race” can only be the enemy’s hacks by a special “golden knife”. The second novelty is “Destruction of the object”. These locations are painfully similar to the network cards from Modern Warfare. And the dynamics of the action looks like a Domination mode from Unreal Tournament. Only a control point on the map is just one – each team must get to it first and hold it.

Back in Global Offensive (for the first time in CS!), There was a training mode. “Briefing” teaches dealing with bombs, shooting through shelters and quick switching between a pistol and a submachine gun. One was embarrassed: the weapons course and in particular the obstacle course strongly remind of the same Modern Warfare.


New mode map

The old modes are now available in two variations: simpler and “right”. The friendly “casual” mode disables shooting on the partners, gives the opportunity to pass through them and provides both sides with free armor. In the “right” mode, such indulgences are not done, but they are more generously rewarded for murder and constantly kept in suspense.

Maps are familiar to everyone on the beta version of CS, and on CS 1.6 and CS: Source. Italy with its narrow streets and nerve patches, a memorable bridge and a sewage canal on Aztec, an urbanized Office with business hostages with ties, a tandem from the Middle East Dust and Dust2, and the widespread championship trio Train, Inferno and Nuke.

According to the legend, Left 4 Dead appeared just thanks to Counter-Strike. One small modification forbade bots to use firearms and armed them with knives only. Doomed to rush into melee, the bots were very much like fast zombies from L4D. So the concept of a popular zombie shooter was born: machine guns and shotguns against claws and teeth. And after many years, CS repaid well for good. In Global Offensive there are two maps, modeled on the motives of the L4D campaigns. On the first – a copy of the swamp village of Swamp Fever (L4D2). Observant players will notice here also a small yacht from the campaign The Sacrifice. Another card directly cites the episode Death Toll (L4D): there is a lake house where the fighters with the infected had to defend themselves before the arrival of the rescue ship. And this is not the first game crossover involving Valve. A couple of months ago, the cooperative gunman Payday: The Heist acquired a campaign No Mercy, which indirectly touches on the theme of “green flu” from L4D.


Skin on a rifle with a silencer

GO refused to go on about fashion: there is no pumping outside the fights, and each side is started in equal conditions. Money in the CS is earned by killing enemies and tactical maneuvers like setting a bomb or rescuing hostages. At the beginning of the round (the party consists of several), blood, weapons, armor, and grenades are purchased for blood money. Among the latter, hot novelties debuted: the Molotov cocktail and flammable grenades, through which it is easy to block corridors and set fire to incautious fighters.

They are accompanied by false grenades, simulating the sounds of weapons thrown – it can be useful because experienced players often focus on sound. In addition, there was an electric shock Zeus x27, killing at point-blank range from one stroke. One trouble is that it is disposable. If you miss, the shocker will be wasted, and the fighter will remain empty-handed. For a couple of moments, but still … Online enough for the enemy, and so the benefits of “Zeus” is still highly questionable. But the death from him is almost more humiliating than a knife.

Cards worked up to trifles – both old and new …
Source engine keeps good, despite the declining age

Real innovations are too few
Useless weapon skins
Chase Valve for the maximum amount of money

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