Dota 2: Review

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If you ask a professional chess player how he can play thousands of games on the same card, with the same figures and non-renewable capabilities and yet not get bored, he will probably grin, ask you to grow up and get a deeper insight into the content and value this game.

Of course, content Dota 2 has nothing to do with chess. Nevertheless, they have a lot in common: both sports disciplines offer healthy food for the mind, require the player to experience, the most serious tactical analysis and the ability to predict the course of events for many moves ahead. Unfortunately, in public opinion, Dota is not only deprived of these virtues, but it also seems to be the embodiment of vice, evil and Satan himself.

When a chess player plays hundreds of games every day and studies tons of literature, this is called professional perseverance. For some, the “pillbox” has become the pinnacle of the evolution of gambling and the way of life. But whoever said that Dota became one of the most important e-sports disciplines, being an appendage of WarCraft 3. The issue of its re-qualification as an independent game was solved quite recently.


Fight in the game. Absolutely free

The official release of Dota 2 has not been noticed by many – the game has been in open beta for more than a year. All those who wished could start defending the ancients long ago. Nevertheless, the game did not reach the store shelves – Valve distributes the “dot” on the model of free-to-play, that is, try yourself in the game can be completely free.

The commercial interest of developers is primarily related to the functioning of the gaming market for the purchase and sale of various accessories for characters. Occasionally cosmetic buns fall out at the end of matches for free. Much more often players receive chests with hidden treasures, a key to which can be purchased at the Dota 2. The decoration of the characters is purely personal. Buying things does not affect the balance in any way, so in general, all the delights of the “pillbox” are available to everyone. Capital investments do not open up new gameplay opportunities, as it is implemented, for example, in the League of Legends.

In the end, the outcome of the match is always decided by the professional level of the player. If someone else is not familiar with the concept of Dota, let’s briefly outline it. Before the teams of Light and Darkness, the task is to destroy the enemy base. Each side has five heroes, one of which is managed by the player. In addition to them in the battle involved “creeps” – weak “units”, obeying a simple algorithm to follow a given route and kill counter enemies. For the destruction of heroes and creeps, players get money and experience that they spend on the development of their character.

It is here that the whole potential of the DotA is concluded. Heroes in the game more than a hundred. For a successful outcome of a match, it is not enough to choose a character that favors you visually. A hero who has proved himself in one battle can be completely useless in another. Everything, from choosing a “ward” to a set of purchased items, should assume a thoughtful plan for the match. Any action requires a serious analysis of the situation that develops along the course of the game. Each decision is situational, and success depends entirely on your ability to correctly calculate the opponent’s potential, to see the main trumps of his command “peak” and to predict the course of battles. The longer you play, the more opportunities are revealed. In time, you understand that “DotA” contains a simple, but ingenious concept.


Fan art. One of the heroes of the game

The plot as such in Dota 2 is not. Some eventual background is rooted in the world of WarCraft 3. The only thing that amateurs of prehistory can amuse oneself is small biographical reports for each of the heroes. However, knowledge of these facts does not affect the gameplay in any way.

The concept, map, heroes – all this migrated to Dota 2 almost unchanged. And what changes can there be for the “dot”? The structure of the gameplay is strictly defined, and any attempt to introduce conceptual innovations is fraught with a loss of balance. Mindful of the fact that the fifth wheel does not need a cart, Valve neatly limited to some cosmetic innovations.

First, Dota 2, as an independent project, acquired a stylish menu that offers quick access to the game itself, the store, news, as well as the creation of guides and broadcasts of professional matches. All the features provided by the developers are organized very conveniently, which significantly reduces the entry threshold for beginners. For them, by the way, a special training campaign has been created, where they can, without spoiling the nerves of old-timers, master the basic principles of the game for different characters.

After that – welcome to the vastness of team battles. At the moment there are seven game modes, the differences in which relate exclusively to the starting part of the match – the choice of heroes. For those who want to just have fun and hone their skills to manage a certain character, the popular All Pick will do. For “daughters” with professional ambitions, Captain’s Mode is preferable, in which the tactical depth of the game is more exposed. Anyway, the interest in what is happening increases in proportion to the number of familiar people in the team, because only with them is possible a qualitative “team play”.


This is the number of unique heroes

As for the game process itself, we have before us the old kind “dot”, modified only visually. From the medieval graphics of WarCraft 3, there is no pixel left either – the characters look much more colorful than in the first part, nice textures delight the eye, each character has its own set of animations, all the effects are detailed and spectacular. Often, during especially massive fights, the picture is full of an abundance of colors, behind which you lose the essence of what is happening. But in general, the graphics look fresh and does not cause criticism.

The same goes for voice acting. All characters in the performance of actions in a unique voice give out one of the prepared phrases. Meets the spirit of the game memorable soundtrack, which Valve recorded with the help of a whole orchestra. Also, the developers have included in the game an interesting chip: passing in silence the match in the culmination of the battle moments is “heated up” by disturbing music.

If we talk about very little things, then the characteristics of some skills and artifacts have changed, a couple of heroes have been renamed. The number of the latter, by the way, is constantly increasing – Valve regularly replenishes the list of missing characters from the first part and even threatens to create new characters.

Another remarkable feature of the new “pillbox” is the system for storing statistics. All your defeats and victories are subject to accounting, and the matches are recorded, which allows you to analyze your own or someone else’s game, having studied the “replay”. Here you will find a very interesting camera mode, allowing you to look at the match the way it was on the monitor of the player.


To one of the tournaments on the game

Pros: all the gameplay features are available for free; nice graphics; user-friendly interface; great music and sound.

Cons: non-ideal rating system; time to find the game is sometimes very tight; nervous community.

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