Historical games. Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction


The events of the original Diablo resulted in the complete victory of the forces of Good over the vile Devil. But as it turned out, the long wanderings of a lonely hero and the constant mental pressure of the main villain did not pass without a trace for our character. The exhausted body of the fighter became a repository for the Devil, who came out in the guise of a new hero, Tristram. Soon he will leave the city, and Tristram himself will be destroyed by hordes of demons. The Devil’s goal is to search for brothers – Mephisto and Baal, imprisoned by the Horadrim mages in prison. For the hero, with whom something strange is happening, Marius is constantly following, from whose face the narrative in five storylines, I must say, is of excellent quality and direction. The history of the add-on to Diablo 2 begins immediately after its completion. Baal impersonates the archangel and takes away the stone of the soul of Marius. Then he goes to the mountains, where there is another stone, this time, the world. I think we should not explain what happened next and what exactly we have to do with all this.

And we should, as it was done many years ago, choose one of five (with add-on – seven) characters and rush into battle. The assortment of classes is not something that strikes the imagination, but it is quite possible to say that there are no extra classes (like a bard from BG …). The role system has undergone some changes – henceforth, apart from basic attributes, each class has a tree of skills that it will not be possible to master completely in principle. Balance, you know. Thus, in addition to the standard 5 points for basic characteristics, with a new level, we get a skill point for the development of any skill.


Secret level. Cow Town

The classes that are in the game are the necromancer, barbarian, paladin, sorceress, and Amazon. Some of the characters are distinguished by excellent melee skills, while others are engaged in pure water summoning’om or the revival of evil spirits. In add-on, a killer was added to this company, which, for all its … not as frightening as the barbarian, is capable, with the proper development of skills, to pepper the horde of demons, periodically striking with sixfold power. The Druid, the second character of LoD, is a magnificent magician capable of casting attacking spells (which even a sorceress can envy), summoning different creatures and turning himself into some animals. Perhaps Diablo 2 has all the classes that a real fighter with evil can only need.

After getting out of the characters screen, we find ourselves in the first settlement – the camp. Yes, from now on we will not have one or two dungeons for the entire game and the heel of the NPC, which depicts the village. Each chapter will have its own city, its local inhabitants, natural conditions and enemies. This is new, it is interesting and much more diverse than the dimensionless pit under the church of Tristram (which we, by the way, necessarily look at). We do not have to be bored here – forests, swamps, deserts – there’s nothing here. On the other hand, in general, the gameplay produces a long-familiar impression “I’ve already seen it.” Of course, the entourage is constantly changing, but, in principle, what’s the difference where to run – in the labyrinths of caves or in the desert?

It is to run. From now on, the hero had such a characteristic as endurance. The heavier armor and weapons, the slower our fighter and evil run, and the faster he gets tired. Diablo has never been an empty-headed arcade, so fatigue does seriously affect the combat ability of the character (thankfully, it does not reach the fiasco of a la Jagged Alliance 2).


Inventory of an already experienced hero

Weapons and armor have become monstrously many – more than a hundred items for two. Moreover, the game has unique and rare items, and some things will come to us no more than once in several thousand games. However, this is a rather weak incentive for another game – count on a miracle and a scattering of rare artifacts, dropping out of the first zombie, somehow it is not necessary. But there are so many items. In addition to conventional swords, bows, armor, there were various sets of powerful artifacts. A complete set can greatly increase the firepower of the character. Only to start it must be collected. Numerous (well, just a huge amount) stones and other non-combat artifacts, bring the hero bonuses to the characteristics, resistance (now the list of effects to which you can buy immunity, is 4 items, including cold and poison) or, any object, endow it with special properties. Variation – a huge number.

Approximately the same type of “skins” exists for the image of our savior of the world from evil. Each item, dressed (taken in hand) on the character (character) tries to be displayed in a unique way. However, this display is not particularly helpful – there is nothing exciting in looking at all sorts of knives and vests in the resolution of 640×480. And this is in the middle of 2000. Fortunately, LoD introduced a resolution of 800×600 to Diablo 2, but that’s also not good news.

The interfaces fully adhere to the rule “everything for the convenience of the player”. All the items that once belonged to our rivals, thanks to one-click, migrate from the corpse of the villain to our pocket. The pocket itself became more organized, and its content instantly spreads over the available space in an optimal way. Add here the ability to highlight all objects on the ground (you no longer run past the quest item lost in a pile of corpses), put spells in a book that takes up much less space and a huge amount of all kinds of hotkeys – yes, it’s immediately evident that the developers tried for the player’s sake . If only we were comfortable with you. And thanks for that. True gold cannot take much with itself – a frail hero in the world Diablo is also a poor hero: the amount of gold transferred is determined by the level of the hero. But all of our savings (as well as items), we can safely leave for safekeeping in the chest, located in any city. There you can also hire a mercenary, which can be much more useful than it seems at first glance. Eh, indirect control … The plot is absolutely linear. Nobody stops immediately running to the next chapter – just there nobody will talk with you about serious things (just something deeds), so Diablo, as before, does not particularly strive to get rid of the label of one of the most linear role-playing games. Judge for yourself: the plot is absolutely unchanged (from point A to a point I will have to go through all the other points, starting with B), as such no role-playing, no, and running around, in principle, pretty similar dungeons (with hordes of enemies) can get bored. In general, the game is for an amateur …


In the cooperative of your favorite game, friends will always help

On the first day of sales, more than 150,000 copies of Diablo 2 were sold. Battle.net, Mecca, and Medina of the fighters with the Devil, for the first time, could not cope with the influx of those wishing to drive the devils in the cooperative. And I must say that the multiplayer Diablo 2 (and especially the LoD, which stands out very strongly against the background of other chapters – and design, and opponents, and the increased complexity) – is much more interesting entertainment than the single, because there is nothing more fun than To drive on gloomy catacombs in the company of old friends. Pure fan. Each mob of monsters is taken almost on the courage, and the struggle with the bosses consists in exhibiting several portals near his lair with subsequent raids from the city to his corpse (one click and all the items are in the slots where they were at the time of our death) with screams “now I am! My turn to him to smash! ». Fun, fervently, and then everyone diverges and play a boring single there is neither the will nor the strength. However … a large number of modifications, patches, and fans all over the world make skeptics and anti-Semitic Diablo quietly grounded in the underground. Whoever said anything, but not to reckon with this game is impossible – is it bad, is it good, but it is so. And numerous game maker constantly trying to reckon with Diablo 2, but so far none of the numerous clones of Diablo (albeit with better graphics, storyline, interface, and gameplay) and failed to repeat the success of Blizzard.

Earlier there were rumors about Diablo World, which, by the way, did not show itself. Performing MMORPG is not an easy task, and Diablo 2 is already equipped with excellent collaboration. Whether it is necessary to hurry up? Whether these games are announced or not, in any case, the conclusion of the next, the third. Once involved in their projects and stereotypes of thinking, Blizzard is unlikely to be able to write “authors of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft.”

What ratings can I put on this game? No, well, or, above the maximum)))

Link to the Diablo II: in Blizzard store

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