Historical Games. Dyna Blaster


Dyna Blaster – It has a surprisingly small stone, it has a very balanced scale. The first version of the Amigad is the first port of the NEC computer. The same graphics, the same silhouette, and, more importantly, the same amazing abilities. The same port is made for computers like Atari ST and Sharp X68000. The first two are the same as the version of the Amri version, most not the one by volume, and the second one in the same style. On PC-Engine and X68000, the game is called Bomberman. In Amiga, ST and PC, the game is called Dyna Blaster.

When importing Dyna Blaster into an application, you will have the main menu where you can select one of the three options. Teaching Game (Player Profile). The battle (which is part of multiplayer games) and password (and easy to leave) lets you get into the game.

Player mode is very easy. There is a slight entrance to the black box (enemy) before the game begins, to forgive your beloved girl daughter of a famous scientist and transmit it to your palace. Of course, this did not exist, and Bomberman did not have that, and he started a hasty mission to rescue. However, the Black Bombs behind, in danger and suffering, are covered by rivers and mountains, hills and caves, all filled with dirty enemies.


Bomberman in battle

However, the bombs have large bomb bombs to help with the dangerous task. These bombs can improve as they work at every level. There is more to you at every level. These are unique and can be related to raising a fire hazard. This allows to install more bombs at one time or more. Walking in the walls.

In a single player, there’s a good learning style and the game is an excuse to test a test in Spectrum / MSX / NES, so it’s good to get you started in the game. It covers eight worlds, every eight steps. It’s amazing to be impressed by the graphs that you plan to destroy bricks to destroy your enemies. When you remove all of your enemies, you should get access to the next level escaping. This is done by erasing the bricks with your brick because the door is hidden as an added sign. If you do not have a voucher before you kill, you will have a dreaded brick. But you must open yourself in the door. Once you have found it, do not attempt to bring down a bomb and bring many enemies. It seems like many other Japanese games have also made it simpler.

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