Monster Hunter World: Review


The Monster Hunter franchise originated in 2004, still on the blessed PlayStation 2. Quite quickly, the concept of an endless hunt for giant bosses in small arenas gained its army of fans and, accordingly, gave birth to a whole genre that the game players without any unnecessary problems were called monster hunter-clones. Now, after a long rest and staying only on the portable consoles of Nintendo, Monster Hunter himself returns triumphantly to the large platforms.

Usually, publishers try to give out all potential hits in the spring and of course in the fall, so that the new product “hooks” on the Christmas season of frantic purchases. But in the case of Monster Hunter World, unsuspecting gamers suddenly got a full-fledged competitor Destiny 2 and Diablo 3.

The paradox is that the gameplay and the series mechanic MHW is very different from the two mentioned heavyweights. However, the game from Capcom has all the chances, if not completely ousted, then at least roughly move D2 and D3 in terms of using your precious personal time, for in general the conceptual plan is something from the same opera: His Majesty Potentially Endless Grind. Content is the sea and given that the game suddenly showed 5+ million sales, which Capcom itself did not expect.


Hunter at work

First, and most importantly: MHW is a modern game. How was it in all the clones of the original Monster Hunter? (Soul Sacrifice, God Eater, Freedom Wars, Toukiden, Ragnarok Odyssey and their ilk). You choose a target and spawn in the arena – usually a small one. And in the worst case, it is also flat, without verticality. And there is absolutely nothing to do on it, except for the extermination of giant bosses.

Monster Hunter World almost completely abandoned this concept. MHW – incredible sandbox size, broken into truly giant sectors, which the language does not turn out to be called “arenas”. In the ancient forest, you can climb to the very tops of gigantic trees, the desert is permeated with a network of caves, coral rocks generally go cascades – in general, the verticality is such that the head is all around.

The size of sectors is by no means the only change. How did the laziest Monster Hunter clones? They spasmed you 20 meters from the boss: here, they say, fight. In Monster Hunter World the reptile needs to be tracked down. While walking along the trail, you can perform various side bounties issued on the base. Exterminate a variety of “small” reptiles (from mosquitos the size of a sheepdog to pterodactyl cows: yes, by the standards of MHW it is still “small”), catch ants, fish, collect samples of flora, honey, and mushrooms.

In general, while all the clones modestly trampled on the ideals, designated by the original Monster Hunter in 2004, Monster Hunter World created a full-fledged live open world that can somehow remind ARK: Survival Evolved in its best manifestations.


A discontented opponent, sort of like sinking

Suppose you tracked down the reptile. The clear plus of Monster Hunter World is that the threat can be visually assessed without difficulty. If before you a comic bird dodo-overgrown, it is logical to assume that with such a boss you can easily cope and solo.

Well, if you are faced with a dragon with a face Diablo from the first Diablo (and with the name Diablos – in Capcom tried, to be sure), which even at a distance of 150 meters takes half the screen, then probably it is worth considering that it’s time to call three comrades or at least a random house.

Here it should be noted that the giant creatures in MHW are executed brilliantly. The giant dragon, which suffices for a little less than a giant ti-rex, and throws it on the ground, is, I tell you, the worthy horsemen of the Sudarians, a majestic sight.

RPG-system MHW also deserves all praise. First of all, it pleases the absence of any kind of class restrictions. Tired of being a melee? So become a gunner or a support! No need to reset any experience points or create tweets: in MHW there are already 14 types of weapons (with hundreds of subspecies), which completely depends on your style of play.

At any time, you can take new weapons and try yourself in a different role. And some things are really very (for good) are insane: for example, Gunlance – it’s for you and a two-handed spear, and a powerful cannon in one bottle. That’s when the Japanese fantasy is only a plus! Of course, everything is not so simple and simple: advanced armament is created with the help of rare resources, and it will not be possible to change classes like gloves.

Armor is a classic case of Diablo. It becomes more and more rare and complex in crafting. Full sets, constructed from various remains of the same giant lizard, give steep bonuses, and so on.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Armor in game

Let’s pass to objective lacks. 30 FPS with a periodic fall as much as 20: that’s with such a minus cannot argue. And the game was tested on both the PS4 Pro and even the Xbox One X. Nowhere you will not get a really high and stable frame rate, despite having three graphics settings already. It’s sad, but the fact is today it’s physically impossible to play MHW on iron 60 FPS. On the PC game is planned almost a year after the console release.

Well, the last thing is clipping. Developers had to make this sacrifice in order to make the enemies truly gigantic. For a part of the objects a very effective destruction is programmed, but often when turning in narrow places the tails of gigantic lizards “elegantly” pass right through the trees. Very unpleasant sight.

Monster Hunter, who laid the foundations of the genre in 2004, first stepped from the meager arenas to the open world
Living ecosystem: herbivores run from predators, predators wage war for territory, fish splash in ponds, etc.
Infinite grind: multiclass, 14 weapons (hundreds of subspecies), rare armor crafted from truly gigantic monsters

Eerie drawdowns FPS, including on the PS4 Pro, and even on the Xbox One X (on the PC to wait another year)
Clipping protruding body parts of monsters through trees and rocks
Graphics, as in Japanese games, tired

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