Verdun: Review


Who remembers the Red Orchestra, he immediately understands everything. Verdun belongs to the same category of militants: one stray bullet – one sad death. Each session in Verdun is a nervous exchange of fire between two teams depicting the Entente armies and the Triple Alliance. The cards are extended in length and crossed out by winding transverse trench lines – the local equivalent of control points.

The fight for them looks like this. Suppose that the French settled in the trench C, and German cigarettes in pointed helmets are smoking in the D trench. Between the trenches – meters of no man’s land: muddy mud, huge funnels, in which horse corpses, barbed wire, fragments of trees decay. Through all this brave Frenchmen must run to jump into the trench D and suppress any resistance from the Germans.

Doing this is self-destructive. No-man’s land is watched by arrows with rifles, snipers, machine-gunners, and even non-commissioned officers, ready to indicate the coordinates for the discharge of gas shells.

Before the trench D, units will reach, but after that, a tense study of the horizon through the fly of the gun will be replaced by a brutal trench fight. The fighter who has appeared in trench D becomes for comrades “a point of revival” and together with the command will go between two mud walls, shooting back defenders. If in the detachment there will be stormtroopers with a club, the defender will get even on the ribs. For a few minutes, the trench D will turn into a meat grinder, where one by one the soldiers of the Entente and the Triple Alliance disappear.


German group on hold

If the French stay for some time in the trench, after interrupting the Germans, the trench will pass under their control. Then they will have to survive a counterattack, after which the path to the trench E will open, and finally, to the German headquarters F. If the Germans overwhelm the attackers, the attack will be drowned, and the Union will strike a counterattack, passing through the same no man’s land. And, in turn, will get a chance to seize the trench B and the main trench of Entente A. In both cases, the enemy will need to “squeeze out” the edge of the map, beating off the last desperate attack.

The machine gun on the bipods paralyzes the player: do not lead the Lord to lose sight of the tiny silhouette on the horizon. Unlike the control point in the usual sense, the trench does not have a clear geometric shape. From one end to another, dozens of meters of field fortifications and muddled courses. In any corner, enemies can hide. Capturing a trench is a long and dangerous operation that can be ruined by one successfully thrown grenade, one machine-gun turn in the back.

Any action other than “lying flat on your belly” entails terrifying human losses. Because in the years of the first world, to break through the defense, a sixfold superiority was required at the point of impact – the tanks than just got out on their first battlefields. Verdun, let it be in its own way, albeit conditional but intelligently demonstrates the military tactics of the early twentieth century in action.


One of the artworks on soldiers

Teams are divided into teams of four fighters. In Verdun, this division limits the choice of weapons and helps to control amateur performance. In the composition – the commander giving orders and having the right to cause artillery fire, one ordinary shooter, one grenadier and one specialist, whose profession depends on the origin of the detachment and, to a lesser extent, on the wishes of the player.

The choice of the detachment is visualized to the extreme. Do not pay attention to the callsigns: the main thing is the icon on the left.
This division of labor was needed to limit the number of machine guns and rifles with an optical sight (how optical it is – look at the picture nearby). Of course, in skillful hands and a stool is more terrible than the bazooka, but skillful hands on the server rarely happen much.

In the ordinary situation, the machine gun is always deadlier than any Gewehr 98 – because it strikes at the same distance, but without delay to withdraw the bolt. A short burst of six to ten bullets can even interrupt the offensive. Rifles with a sight are inherent problems with the shutter, but this weapon allows you to aim at any point on the back of the enemy, sitting on the other side of the map.

Shooting and aiming are not the most important things in Verdun. Even the most intelligent shooter in a moment will go to Valhalla if he dares to stand in full growth behind the parapet. The choice of the position is critically important that in the defense that is in the attack. To protect well-suited slopes and excavations in the ground, where you can cover the flanks. An ideal is a position in which the angle of your review is small, but any enemy that gets into it will be taken for a fly in a split second.


View of the sight in a machine gun, somewhere in Picardy

Verdun purposefully and with a lot of tricks winds the player, forcing him to be afraid for his skin. To take gas attacks: a terrible green cloud crawls on you, you put on a gas mask – and everything, lie because through the cloud you can not see anything. And the gas mask itself narrows the review.

And then shelling begins. The shells are bursting around, the earth is trembling, the dust is a pillar! Falling into a ditch, you’re frowning – it will carry, no? Immediately, the “professional deformation” comes into play: if the shot has struck nearby, over the ear, – the heart rejoices. Their! If something is quietly screeched in the sand – it’s rubbish, we are reduced to.

The gas attack is a sure way to paralyze all movement on the front. As a last resort, dumping on their own. The final blow to the psyche is caused by landscapes, for which we at one time loved Verdun. With rare exceptions, these are lifeless plains under a gray leaden sky, dug by craters from bombs, dug with wooden skeletons and permeated with trenches, in which doomed soldiers swarm. At the recruiting point, they said that by Christmas we will return home.

An innovative approach to team battle;
Severe gameplay, not forgiving frivolity;
The atmosphere of death and hopelessness.

Only multiplayer (Solo only against bots and one)
Newcomers are not welcome here, beginners – meat for execution
The player’s level of 100 sometimes does not speak of his skill

Look for me on the battlefield Just for Z

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