Sun Jian in Total War: Three Kingdoms


Total War: Three Kingdoms – a complete continuation of the series. In a fresh trailer, the Creative Assembly sets the tone for the bloody showdowns in China and boasts of an updated game map.

In the center of attention is Sun Jian, the commander of the Three Kingdoms era and one of the main characters of Total War: Three Kingdoms. In the video, Sun Jian finds the Imperial seal and decides that his fate is to overthrow the tyrant Dong Zhuo. To achieve the goal, the hero joins forces with Yuan Shao and Cao Cao. The last has already been dedicated to a separate trailer.

Let’s remind, that in Total War: Three Kingdoms there will be two modes of a single campaign: classical, which follows the real history of China, and “romanticized”, which is based on the novel “Three Kingdoms”. In the “romanticized” mode, protagonists can single-handedly scatter hundreds of enemy soldiers.

Total War: Three Kingdoms should start on PC in the spring of 2019.

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