Trailer for the launch of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

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Blizzard Entertainment launched the next chapter in the confrontation between the Horde and the Alliance – the addition of Battle for Azeroth for World of Warcraft. And although the narrative basis is known for a long time, it did not stop the developers from publishing another story clip. Among the key features of Battle for Azeroth, the authors call allied races for which you can play, travel to unknown islands in groups of three, large-scale battles for 20 participants in the spirit of the Warcraft strategies, as well as raising the maximum level, new dungeons and raids.

In addition, the heroes of the Alliance will go to the kingdom of mariners Kul-Tiras, where Jaina Proudmoore was born, and Horde followers will visit Zuldazar, the oldest city of Azeroth. It should be recalled that earlier Blizzard released several beautiful clips in honor of Battle for Azeroth: in one the seaman’s choir sang a song about the tragic fate of Jaina, in another they told how Silvanu was overcome by anger and she burned the great Tree of Teldrassil, and in the third showed the throwing of the legendary warrior Orda Varoka Saurfang.

Blizzard needs players at least one more video from the series “Faces of War” – it will be dedicated to the queen nag Azshara.

Link in YouTube: World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth

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