Collector’s Edition Resident Evil 2 for Europe


Capcom, following the announcements of the American and Japanese collection editions of the Resident Evil 2 remake, presented the publication for the European market. The European collection includes:

  • a game in the stylebook;
  • a set of additions from the expanded edition (change of music, suits, weapons);
  • a limited set of multi-colored keys to the Raccoon police;
  • 32-page artbook with notes by reporter Ben Bertolucci: the book contains
  • photographs and documents relating to the tragic events in Raccoon;
  • poster with the scheme of reconstruction of the police station of Raccoon;
  • A 30-centimeter figure of Leon;
  • soundtrack on CD;
  • icon “Made in Heaven” (Made in Heaven);
  • Unique collection packaging, stylized as a box with items.

The price of the publication is not yet reported, but it is unlikely that it will exceed the cost of the American collection – 199 dollars.

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