Hamsterdam – fighting hamsters


The creator of Guns of Icarus, the studio Muse Games, made on Kickstarter its new project. And the arcade action movie Hamsterdam is not at all like a steampunk simulator of battles on airships. The protagonist of the future game is a hamster.

This city needs a new hero who will arrange a revolution and begin to repair justice. And can cope with this task only a mighty hamster, who has mastered the martial art of ancient hamsters. He must defeat the gang of rodents to save his own grandfather and other hamsters from imprisonment.

Judging by the trailer, the game will make the most of all the control capabilities to make the combat process tied to the rhythm. But so far it is not known how battles made with regard to touch screens and joysticks will be transferred to the PC. Developers need more than a modest amount, 8 thousand dollars. They have 44 days ahead of them.

Link in YouTube: Hamsterdam – Game Reveal Trailer

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